Who knows what lurks in the minds of people who post to MFW?
...Okay, so I can't answer that one.

But the Mapster does note people's locations and through a combination of WONDERFUL online mapping assistance (Chris Peat's Heaven's Above site is da bomb!) and pure nerdliness, the Mapster has assembled some "where are we" maps.
(last updated on 2 August 2000)
Where are the navigation buttons?

Yeah, well, I didn't want to put in the buttons today and I don't have frames, so just use your back key or erase the 'whereis.html" to get to the index page or piss off.  :)
the MFW multiverse
This is everyone who replied, which can't possible be a patch on the number of readers, but <Jewish mother voice, throwing hands in air> vhat can you do wit dees boyss and grrlss if dey von't eefen answer?
This red star would be the geographical center of the mfw multiverse, taking into account multiple posters from the same city, and both the northern and southern hemisphere.

Hope you weren't holding your breath waiting for this.
These are the European and Etc posters in the northern hemisphere... one of these little dots is Llanddwyn
Here are the North Americans...dang right coasters.

Southern Hemi folks, hold your pants on, your map is on its way.

Oh, and you Tokyo folks, your only dot is on the first map.  Eurasia and Pacific were too big to allow it to appear on any other map.  Now, if you got a few more readers from that area, I'd add a map just for you.
Hey, what happened to Brazil?

Update coming soon.   <sigh>
To prevent this page from taking a year to load, I put the remaining maps on another page.  And what more could we map?  Why, the center of the individual universes, that's all.